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Merriam-Webster tells us Convivial relates to a “[fondness] for feasting, drinking, and good company,” but we believe it’s much more than that. The convivial traveler is someone who looks for fun and fellowship wherever they go and loves to share their joy with others.


Convivial was created from a love of people, travel, food & drink and giving. Wanting to share her amazing experiences she had while traveling, Convivial was born. The trips offered have been experienced firsthand by the employees. Convivial also loves giving back: a percentage of proceeds from all trips will be donated to either Special Olympics, Smile Train or something that is near and dear to your heart.

Who We Are



Convivial's  founder, Toby Frowen, is a meeting and events planner with over 10 years’ experience planning and sourcing meetings globally for 10-1,500 people.


Based on her personal and professional experiences, she wanted to create trips to offer to others so they could experience and share in her love of conviviality.  



Our Mission


Convivial's mission is to create amazing experiences around the world while giving to worthy causes.




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